Knowing where our food comes from is becoming a more common practice, even at restaurants around town. Beyond farmer's markets and fancy shmancy, overpriced grocery stores, farm-to-table restos in Houston are flexing their muscles with seasonal dishes and local ingredients. Here's a quick little roundup.


  1. Triniti

    With chef and owner Ryan Hildebrand at the helm, trendy Triniti proffers a progressive menu—think roasted beets and cauliflower with almonds and curried goat cheese, and the salmon with truffle coquettes—and a modern-chic setting, plus a prix-fixe two-course lunch menu for $16. Try the place’s new Sunday brunch featuring the on-point monkey bread!

  2. Roost

    The 50-seat café in Montrose is a farm-to-table concept with a concise menu of 18 shareable entrees in global styles including Persian, French, Asian and down-home Southern.

  3. Sorrel Urban Bistro

    New chef Michael Nutt offers up a rotating daily menu of farm-to-table cuisine including a new weekly lunch menu featuring savory sandwiches like pastrami and sauerkraut on marbled rye or filleted fish with spiced aioli.

  4. Haven

    The Gulf Coast region's flavors are touted on the far fresh menu at Haven. Meat and produce no more than 100 miles from the spot are featured on the menus, like the mini shrimp corn dogs, fried chicken and fresh salads.