L.A. is largely known for its terrible traffic, so it’s a wonder why I decided to become a runner when I moved here a few years ago. But it turns out L.A. is a surprisingly active city with great running routes and cool things to see along the way. Through much trial and error, I’ve found some of the best ways to see the West Side on foot while avoiding the traffic, smog, and smug.


  1. Culver City Stairs

    The Culver stairs are a local favorite, featuring one of the best views of the city. Park on Jefferson Avenue near the base and take the stairs to the top. Repeat until your legs feel like…

  2. Ocean Park Boulevard

    I live in the Mar Vista area and love a long run to the beach and back. For my money, Ocean Park Boulevard is the best street for running in L.A. There are minimal lights, a great sidewalk,…

  3. Palisades Park

    Palisades Park is one of the best places to start and end a run on the West Side, especially if you’re staying in a Santa Monica hotel. This route has an insane scenic overlook of the ocean.…

  4. Marina Del Rey

    If you’re the type of person who needs distractions to endure a long run, this is for you. Start in Marina Del Rey near the beach on Washington Boulevard, head north through Venice, and…

  5. Café Buna

    Every run on my short list should end at this café. They have a big menu with portions to match, so you don’t have to worry about all those calories you just burned. Bonus for outside seating,…