Do you engage a rich culinary lifestyle like so many New Yorkers (myself included)? Think about a juice cleanse. Now, before you deduce that I’m full of health-freak, tofu bologna, listen to this: you have to give your body a break from processed foods, pub dinners, sugary sodas, and copious amounts of alcohol. These types of foods and drinks leave behind harmful toxins that build up in your gastrointestinal system, causing you to feel lethargic from all the gunk. Juices benefit you by giving you necessary nutrients to function with high energy, but without the “food coma.” This is just science, folks. So whether you want to skip one meal to decrease the bloat or dive into a multi-day cleanse, these juice bars have some of the healthiest, all-natural satiating drinks around.


  1. Juice Press

    The antithesis to processed foods, Juice Press only serves great-tasting, 100 percent raw and organic juices, cold-pressed every morning. In fact, the juices are bottled fresh each day with…

  2. Organic Avenue

    With the vastest selection of green juices I’ve seen – ranging from matcha to jalapeño – Organic Avenue is the destination for fitness-focused, meditation-loving juice cleansers. Their booster…

  3. Melvin's Juice Box

    Hidden behind a record shop next to Jamaican favorite Miss Lily’s, Melvin’s Juice Box mixes funky concoctions of incredibly intense and vivid flavors: think kale, ginger, agave, cayenne…

  4. Manjoor Estate

    Manjoor Estate doesn’t have a storefront (yet), but the science behind these juices is spot-on. Founder Sunitha Ramaiah, who grew up on a spice farm in India, studied the health benefits…